Best Livestock for Small Acreage

If you want to raise your own meat, milk or eggs and have a small place or even an urban backyard, there are breeds well suited to the task.  Nothing beats the satisfaction, taste and health benefits of raising your own food, so why not take a look at some livestock for small acreage?

Chickens have got to be one of the most adaptable animals out there.  Not only will they provide your family with eggs and meat, they will rid you of unwanted bugs and possibly provide a side income as well!  Our fruit trees have virtually no pests since we started letting the chickens around them, and the extra eggs they produce make a small side income that at least helps offset the cost of their food.  If you can produce enough eggs, you can sell enough to completely pay for their food.  Nothing beats free, home grown eggs.

Goats have been a staple of many countries for eons.  They provide milk that is full of nutrition and makes excellent cheese and yogurt.  They also provide incredibly tasty meat.  Nigerian Dwarf goats are a miniature goat that is ideal for small spaces, including backyards.  You can sell the offspring, sometimes for several hundred dollars each, which more than pays for the cost of feeding and caring for the parents.

Other small livestock, such as ducks, geese, sheep and rabbits are great additions to any backyard homesteading project.  Rabbits can even be pastured in moveable pens, providing ready to use fertilizer for your lawn while converting your grass to the most efficient protein known in commercial meat operations.