Almost Time for Babies

Almost Time for Babies

In our neck of the woods, the snow is thick on the ground and the thought of spring is almost too far-fetched to imagine right now, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t on the way.  In just a couple of weeks, my father’s cows will start having the first calves of the season, and shortly after that, our own animals will start having their babies.

Babies are one of the best things about spring.  As the ground ushers forth new life, so too do the animals, and all of that youth and vigor is rejuvenating.

This will be our second year of raising goats, and my little bottle baby from two years ago will be having her own babies in a couple of months.  I feel like an anxious grandma, awaiting the big day with excited anticipation.  She will be joined by two seasoned mothers who have produced beautiful kids in the past.  I just can’t wait to see the colors and personalities of the kids!

This year will also be our second year of raising rabbits, and nothing is quite as adorable as a bunny popping its head out of the nest.

Soon, our hens will get the message that it’s time to start setting eggs, and we will be able to look forward to the sight of little fluff balls waddling along behind their mothers.

I love every part of spring, but the babies are probably the best part, and they sure help lift the spirits after a long, cold winter.