Another Great Use for Cattle Panels

Another Great Use for Cattle Panels

Cattle panels really are one the most versatile fencing options for farms.  It seems there is no end to the things you can do with some cattle panels and bolt cutters.  In addition to making fences, hoop houses and arches, cattle panels also make fantastic cages for larger animals.

If you need to transport goats, sheep or other small animals in the back of your pickup, there are not many safe options available that will keep them confined without the risk of choking on a collar and leash setup.  With cattle panels, you can create a cage to fit in the bed of your pickup that will hold your animals comfortably, and most importantly, safely.

There are several ways to cut cattle panels, but we have found bolt cutters to be the easiest and most effective.  You may want a grinding wheel to grind down the sharp edges it leaves, but if you cut carefully, you can place those edges out of reach.

A cattle panel cage can be tied in to the back of your pickup, and the animals within allowed to roam inside the cage.  You can create a hinged door by cutting the horizontal rods long and folding them back over themselves, around a rod on an adjoining panel.  Simply tie the other side with a carabiner, and you have a sturdy, yet easy to open door.

Cattle panel cages can be used to transport animals to sales, to the breeder, and to the vet.  They are inexpensive, very sturdy, and about as easy to build as you can get.