Cattle Panel Construction

Cattle Panel Construction

On the farm, cattle panels are an often overlooked, but extremely useful tool.  Cattle panels are made of galvanized, welded steel rods that have variable sized openings but create a sturdy panel to use in fencing.  They can be installed by simply attaching them to existing posts and joining each panel to another.  This type of fencing is incredibly strong, durable and effective.  Cattle panels aren’t just great for fencing, however.  With a little ingenuity, you can use them for a wide variety of things on the farm.

Moveable Chicken and Rabbit Tractors
Cattle panels can be cut to whatever length you like (they start at 16 feet) and bent over to attach to a frame that can be moved around your property.  Bolt wheels to one end, attach a rope to the other, and it will easily move around a level yard to provide chickens and rabbits with fresh grass, and you with fresh fertilizer for your lawn.

Cattle Panel Arches
Pound T-posts into the ground and bend a cattle panel between them for a sturdy arch to grow vining plants on.  Use it as a living archway into your garden, or to get more vertical growing space for vegetables.

Cattle Panel Shelters
Use T-posts again, and bend cattle panels between them.  Panels are around four feet tall, so you can link multiple panels together to make a hoop house for as many small animals as you need to shelter.  Cover it in heavy duty tarp, and sheep, goats or other small animals will stay nice and cozy in the winter.

Cattle panels are about $20 each, so you can make affordable, moveable pens and shelters for your animals that will hold up to just about any weather and last for many years.