Choosing a rooster

Choosing a rooster

Three things to consider when selecting a rooster

Protecting your small flock of hens can be more challenging that you would anticipate. You have predators, disease and even a lack of food if they are free-ranging. This is when you may want to have some advice on qualities to look for in a good rooster to help your hens out in all of these aspects.

The first thing you need to look for in your rooster is how protective they will be for your hens. Typically when you are ordering your rooster from the hatchery, they will let you know how the rooster will interact with the other chickens. Hence, you will know if they will protect your hens or if they will be scared of them.

Another element to consider when you select your rooster is how they react with children. If you are like my little farm, you will most likely have visitors coming to the farm from time to time. When visitors come, it is usually to see the animals and you do not want to have your rooster chasing after the kids while they are running around and looking at your animals.

Something else you should look into is the weight of your rooster. Normally you want your rooster to be larger then the hens to protect them and not be bullied. However, you also want them to be larger so they will be able to fight off the predators who may be coming after your hens.

It is understandable that owners can get frustrated from having their birds snatched in the middle of the night. However, you need to know what qualities to look for in a great rooster. By looking for these qualities, you can easily locate the right rooster to protect your flock and even know they will not cause you a headache while they are doing the task they're meant to do.