Double-Snouted Pig Born in China

Double-Snouted Pig Born in China

We like to call these stories medical anomalies or miracles, maybe even signs from God. But what they are to me are reminders that our environment is totally out of whack, and that between the pollution we pour into it (and onto it) and the hormones and chemicals we put in everything from food to furniture, it’s no wonder that we all don’t look like extras in Futurama.

Babe, a pig from China, was born with two snouts. Click the link to see the very sci-fi looking picture. Other than his second snout, Babe appears to be pretty healthy in general—and both of his snouts, and mouths, are workable. Babe’s owners say that he uses both snouts to root around and eat.

That said, the pig’s head is much heavier than it should be with the extra weight—and he is easily pushed aside by his brothers and sisters. The pig’s owner is currently bottle feeding him from a bottle.

Some people worry that Babe is just another sign that China’s rapid industrialization isn’t being kept in check—and that further mutations will occur not only in farm animals, but in humans as well. If the pig’s birth was indeed a result of environmental toxins, then it’s safe to say that his environment could be a breeding ground for human malformations and illnesses as well.

Of course, China isn’t the only country threatened by human pollution and toxins. Many countries—particularly the United States—report such bizarre animal findings regularly. Frogs in particular are known to exhibit strange anomalies, such as extra legs, when environmental toxins are present. Scientists often monitor an area’s frogs in order to determine how healthy a habitat the area is. You can actually help them do this, too, by joining an organization such as Frogwatch USA and reporting the types of frogs you encounter in your community.