Farming for Small Acreages Books

Farming for Small Acreages Books

Making the most of the space you have is ever important as land prices jump and more people try to go back to the land.  Farming on small acreages can be a very rewarding and profitable venture, and can give you the opportunity to make a living from home.  The following books can help give you some ideas to get your own small profitable farm started.

Micro Eco-Farming: Prospering from Backyard to Small Acreage In Partnership with the Earth
This book shows us how to use organic and sustainable methods to produce better tasting, higher yielding crops compared to conventional methods.  It also talks about ways to generate income, such as u-pick nut groves, holiday farms, and homegrown organic spa products.

Making Your Small Farm Profitable
With 288 pages filled with information on choosing a niche produce or farming market, cost versus profit analysis for many farm items and how to create a plan for equipment and planting, this book gives beginners a head start on their own small farm.

Ten Acres Enough: Small-Farm Self-Sufficiency Through High-Quality Produce
In a story from 1864, this book details the principles used by successful farmer Edmund Morris after he quit his publishing business and began farming ten acres.  Many of the concepts used then are still relevant today, and this is an excellent book for those looking for less industrialized methods of farming.

Even people on 1-2 acres can have a profitable small farm by using the right marketing tactics, choosing a product that is in demand, and working hard to achieve their dreams.  I hope these books can help you get started on a path to independence with your own small farm.