Free Farm Labor and Other Learning Resources

Free Farm Labor and Other Learning Resources

Homesteaders are some of the most generous people. Ask anyone in the homesteading community, and you'll likely hear stories of other farmers who have generously shared their time, experience and wisdom. One of the best things about this particular sector of the farming community is that free help is almost always available, if you know where to look.

Advice and Knowledge Online

There are nearly as many online communities for homesteaders as there are homesteaders. From learning how to raise chickens and growing organic crops, to recycling and money-making tips, there are forums devoted to nearly every aspect of the homesteading lifestyle. You can find forums and blogs that will teach you just about anything you need to know, as well as offering advice from old salts on how to go green, stretch a dollar, or use old-fashioned farming techniques.

Magazines and Newsletters

Think print publications and newsletters are a relic of the past? Think again! From publications like Mother Earth News and Hobby Farm, to local newsletters and co-ops, there's a ton of ways to learn and gain knowledge in printed form. While these options aren't necessarily free, most run less than $20 per year, which is pretty darn close to free, considering all of the information available.

Co-ops and Community Groups

Did you know there are community-based organizations, as well as national co-ops that will help you find volunteer farm labor? If you know a thing or two about old-fashioned farming techniques, like farming with horses, or if you're interested in making the move to organic operations, there are a ton of volunteers out there looking to help. I recently read a story in a farming magazine about an organization that matches farms with volunteers. The volunteers live and work on your farm, typically in exchange for learning how you do things. Most organizations are centered on sharing homesteading techniques and information, although each organization is different in terms of criteria and matching services offered.