Holistic Stewardship in a Chemical World

Holistic Stewardship in a Chemical World

It seems as though for every potential problem on the farm, there is an industrial or chemical solution.  If your philosophies tend toward a more natural, holistic approach, you will find yourself really struggling to find alternatives to the way things are done in our modern world of labs and factories.  Choosing to run your farm holistically, while far more challenging than the other way, is infinitely worth it in terms of health and good stewardship.

You don’t have to go all or nothing when you want to operate holistically.  I think the best solution is a combination of modern and time tested practices.  As long as your animals are healthy, focus on preventing diseases by holistically boosting their immune systems and providing optimal nutrition.

If they should fall sick, however, it is reassuring to have the backup of modern medicine to take care of any problems herbal remedies can’t fix.

Should you choose a more holistic lifestyle for your animals, it is important that you focus on prevention, because often times, by the time an animal shows signs of illness, herbal remedies may not be able to help.

Holistic stewardship involves focusing on promoting overall health in a proactive way, rather than modern medicine’s approach of being reactive and fixing problems as they occur.  Focus first on providing your animals with quality, balanced nutrition from natural sources, and build up their immune systems so that when an illness strikes, they are better armed to fight it off themselves.

Holistic stewardship is a fulfilling, satisfying and beneficial way to manage your farm.  Make sure to learn all you can and take a proactive approach and your animals can enjoy rich, healthy lives.