Love Honey? Lease Some Space for Bees

Love Honey? Lease Some Space for Bees

I love honey.  I love the fact that is natural and does not come to us highly refined like sugar and other sweeteners do.  I am also big on the self-sufficient lifestyle, and would love to be able to raise my own honey.  I also have the trouble of being terrified of bees.  I lose my cool and start flapping around like a scarecrow on fire anytime one of those little critters gets within five feet of me.  So for me, raising my own bees is not likely to happen.

The next best option, if you happen to have a little bit of land, is to lease some space to a beekeeper.  We were approached this year by a beekeeper who wanted to put some bees on our five acres.  It didn’t work out for this year, but the deal seemed great to me.

For letting him keep bees on the farthest corner of our property, we were going to get all the honey we could possibly need, and we weren’t going to need to do anything with the bees. 

If leasing land for bees sounds like a good opportunity to you, you can try finding beekeepers by looking at your local grocery store or farmer’s market.  Give them a call and offer your place for their bees.

There is nothing quite as tasty as fresh honey, locally grown and free from chemicals.  Some even say that eating local honey can help with seasonal allergies because of the local pollens used by the bees.

Leasing your land for honey seems like a win-win situation if you love honey but are not able or willing to deal with bees yourself.