Scratch That…It IS Time for Babies

Scratch That…It IS Time for Babies

I was sitting in my easy chair feeding the baby the other night, when my husband called me.  That in itself was kind of funny, since he just went outside to feed the animals.  He was calling because he wanted me to know that we were having babies.  One of my goat does delivered two healthy doe kids that night, literally one day after I wrote on here about babies coming soon.  These were quite a bit sooner than expected, though!

My two earliest does were not supposed to kid until March, and the third is definitely due in June, so we were a ways off.  The buck broke into the does’ pen last summer though, and apparently, that one time was all it took.

On my way to town the next day, I ran to the barn to check on the kids and much to my surprise, my second doe delivered a kid right when I walked in.  She also had two healthy doe kids, which takes care of all of the kidding for a few months.

This is our first year having kids out of our own buck, so I was pretty excited.  As you can see from the photos, we got a very colorful bunch of kids this year!  I only get to keep one, but the decision was easy for me.  The runt of the smallest litter completely captured my heart, so she is the one that will stay.

I’m almost disappointed – the kids were the stars of our baby show this year, and it’s already over.  At least everyone is healthy, and our spring is springing early!