Women are at the cutting edge of American farming

Women are at the cutting edge of American farming

Doing more with less, and doing it well!

 30% of all farm operators in the United States are women now, almost three times the number 30 years ago. Women are the fastest growing sector in farming, and are at the forefront of cutting-edge farming trends and technologies.

Studies have shown that female farmers:

Are more likely to be farming on a small amount of acreage - 82% of farms run by women are less than 180 acres.
Grow more diverse crops than their male counterparts.
Generally grow food crops more often than cash crops.
The next largest category is beef cattle ranching.
Heavily favor sustainable farming practices.

Women control 7 percent of U.S. farmland, and account for 3 percent of sales, but those numbers are rising fast. 

Because women tend to have less access to capital and resources, and fewer sales, they are more likely to go into organic farming in order to eke the maximum amount of value from the smallest amount of acreage. Women also tend to be early adopters of innovative strategies new technology, in order to farm more efficiently.

Women across the country are going back to the land, and doing more with less. Hats off to America's female farmers!