December 2008


It turn out that carbs are the bads guys. Carbs turn into fat, fats that are bad for us. I am not a fish eater so what is there left for me to eat?

Custom Harvesting

My name is Troy Burnside and I own a Claas 900 and have been doing custom work for a several years. I live in Southern Indiana and have farms I chop on in Indiana, Kentucky,and Missouri. I am looking for work in Georga or Florida for this summers corn silage. Call for rates or more info. Burnside Custom Harvesting phone 812-358 2191.


Yes, I am female I do not know what happen to my screen it will not connect to the chat room.

city folks

Just had some city folks moved in next door. Nice pair but a little strange. They built a chicken coupe over a pond where the have catfish. They say they will recycle the chicken dropings for fish food. The water stinks a mighty something. Where do they get theses ideas?


I am a bou-matic dealer that has a customer that wants to pasturize his waste milk to feed the calves. Has anyone ever built there own pasturizer? He needs to do about 50 gallons at a time.

Noisy Roosters

My friend lives in the burbs and has a handfull of shickens and roosters. The roosters are very noisy and he wants to know if there are any procedures to quiet the noise. (ie. vocal chord removal, training, diet, etc.)