January 2009

No Subject

Wei, its ah Wing Jai ah, I need help. A guy call Kaho has beat me up and is now banging my lo por. He already got a girl friend of so many years and was friends with me, we used to go clubng and drink together, i also paid most of the things and never complain! Then he met my lo por he would invite her out without me knowing and always calling her! When i found out i aked him and he said we was just very good friends then one day i saw them doing things and went mad!


I have about 30 chicken and they have hen house to lay their eggs but for some reason they refuse to lay eggs there. They prefer outside the hen house. What do I have to do to change this habbit?

trans troubles

I own a 2002 silverado 2500, with a manual 6 speed, lately the clutch pedal has been stiffening and staying on the floor when i press it, but is fine when i pull it back up with my foot. The truck is chipped and the clutch pedal only does this at high levels of torgue and excelleration. I cant narrow down what it is. If anyone has a clue, beside the chip and my heavy foot, i would appreciate some advice.

Veal Calves

I am writing a paper on veal production and I would love some input from dairy farmers or veal producers. I would like views from both sides of the issue. Please feel free to email me with any input you might have. I'd love to chat with you.


I just moved where I can raise chickens, although I can have chickens, there is a limit to how many I can have. So since my chickens keep having babies, I would think some should be for meat as well as for laying, I have never butchered a chicken or seen it done. Where do I start and can I see pictures so I do not scare myself? thanks Kelsey