April 2009

The Almighty Alpaca: Your answer to an extra $50,000+ a year

Do you have ANY idea how much alpacas go for? You know, alpacas? Those long-necked teddy bear creatures roughly the size of a human with four long legs? Alpacas sell between $30,000 - $70,000+ not to be confused with llamas which go for a tenth of that price. I was watching this DVD on knitting the other night (how to) to improve my basic skills of the craft and was really impressed with the diversity and depth of information presented, including a little segment on the various types of fibers used for textile production. A former school teacher explained how she became a full-time alpaca farmer on her 14 acres of land, first part-time with two females and then began boarding other alpacas for folks who lived in the city. You can fit 8 alpacas on one acre of land and these South American darlings love cool air, rocky terrain, and a good stone dust pile to roll in. You know what else? They all poop in one place, like cats. Its called a communal dung pile and that means they are safe to bring inside for tea party if you like!