May 2009

Natural Building Apprenticeship at The Farm

After 4 months of hopeful hand-wringing, I recently received final confirmation that I have, definitely been accepted to the June Natural Building apprenticeship at The Farm in Summertown, TN! I have been completely fascinated with ecovillages, permaculture, organic and biodynamic farming, sustainability, and natural healing for a very long time now thanks to the Findhorn Foundation in Inverness, Scotland, Findhorn is the original ecovillage, started by three friends on a rocky plot of ground while living in a camping trailer to grow food for themselves. 60 years later, it is a mecca for spiritualists and ecovillage training, so much so that the United Nations sends trainees there to be taught how sustain 3rd world villages using raw materials. Findhorn's story is truly fascinating and really worth looking up.

Farmer's Market

It is a beautiful Sunday Spring morning in Virginia. Everything green and abloom, driving through the countryside, I can't stop remarking how romantic the pastoral landscape is. Deer, hawks, groundhogs, bluebirds, cardinals, and inumerable squirrels all amidst the wild tangle of newly green trees and vines growing along the forest's edge... its no wonder I have chosen to volunteer today at Forrest Green farm. The nature is superlative and there is nothing like being way out in the middle of the country at the height of Spring.