July 2009

Harvesting Rainwater is the new black

Grey water activist, water conservationist, smarty-pants: these are all names we call people who do cool things with water, like save it. Recycling water, cleaning water, collecting water, diverting water downhill, using water for energy, reusing shower water for gardens, taking cold showers... short, cold showers and washing our clothes in the least amount of water possible with white vinegar and baking soda or biodegradable detergent. Voting, yes! when it comes to a cleaner pond or river and freerunning stream and saying yes! I support a bright clean ocean and respect to all its creatures.

National Animal Identification System is Faulty and Unfair to Farmers

Do you keep up with your cat or dog’s shots, keep him in a collar at all times, feed him, bathe him, take him to the vet, and generally treat him as a part of your family? If you do, you already know how much work goes into caring for a single animal. Now imagine doing that with dozens, or even hundreds, of pets—which is what a farmer has to do.

OK, so it’s not a perfect analogy; farmers don’t necessarily let cows sleep in their beds, or pigs drink from their cereal bowls after they’ve had breakfast. (And though some of us are guilty of doing that with our kitties, we really shouldn’t—it can really irritate their stomachs!) But they do have enough on their plates already, especially while trying to keep up with the big factory farms that can produce more at cheaper prices, though not necessarily as ethically.

Farm Aid Coming to St. Louis!

I heard about this on the radio today and had to check it out immediately. Since I was born in St. Louis, live not far from the awesome (if I do say so myself) city, and also love Farm Aid, I am super excited that the cause is coming to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Maryland Heights on October 4 this year.

If you know about Farm Aid, you probably know that it was started in 1985 by musicians John Mellencamp, Neil Young and Willie Nelson (Dave Matthews has since been added to the board of directors that these singers make up). They were inspired by Bob Dylan to create the charity.

Utah County Considers Wind Energy

Don’t you just love alternative energy stories? I think I get off on them like teen girls do on Jonas Brothers interviews.

The Utah Association of Municipal Power Systems has none other than a wind farm planned for a current farm in Idaho. The farm is supposed to be complete in about 90 days, and will generate between 40 and 60 megawatts of power.

This project is actually part of the UAMPS big plan to foster more renewable energy in the area, and fits right in with their energy conservation campaign. And that’s not even all—they’re even thinking about creating a natural-gas-powered generator as well.

Considering that this association powers multiple cities from Utah to Idaho, Wyoming to California, this is a huge step forward in renewable energy.