February 2010

Help Raise Standards on Organic Dairy Products

When you buy organic products, there is this expectancy attached—this feeling that the product is supposed to be safe, effective, and good for you. The fact that it costs more and is harder to find (for many people, anyway) makes the idea even further ingrained into our psyches. After all, when you pay more, you get more, right?

But the number of exposes run on the dairy industry, from California to New York, simply keep increasing and increasing, and we’re slowly realizing that truly organic milk simply isn’t being made on many of the farms claiming to produce it. In fact, nearly half of the nation’s milk is made on big factory farms. And of these, the biggest organic producers corral their bovine beauties in little dirt pens where they don’t get to eat grass and can barely turn around. Many don’t even come into contact with grass at all, which is unnatural for a cow.