July 2010

Stop the Use of Deadly Poisons for So-Called “Predator Control”

Every year, the United States government consciously poisons bobcats, coyotes, bears, foxes, wolves, and many other animals in the name of “predator control.” The Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services Program calls for these animals to be killed by the strategic placement of toxic poisons all across the nation’s public lands and national forests. That’s right—the same forests we lobby to preserve and protect are being treated with poisoned to kill the very animals that we should also be protecting.

July is Smart Irrigation Month

What exactly is smart irrigation? To me, it’s using water as sparingly, efficiently, and sustainably as possible. I am a huge hater of lawn sprinklers, for example. We don’t use one in our yard, though many of our neighbors do. I can’t stand to watch the water run and run just so they can have the “greenest” yards possible. Ours is actually pretty green just from the rain, though I’ve recently taken to using grey water, too.

I do understand that some areas need manual irrigation, especially in dry regions where people are growing food. (Golf courses, to me, are definitely not an excuse to waste millions of gallons of water; I’d rather we took out all the golf courses and made them into sustainable communities and co-ops for the homeless, myself.) If you do have to irrigate, how can you do so smartly?