August 2010

Country Cooking

I was interested in making the recipe from the July 2010 issue.  the Old-Fashioned peach cobbler.  But upon following the recipe to the T. I found an error (I think!).  I had done the combine br. sugar, cinn., lemon rind & juice added peaches, and transferred to baking dish.  Etc. etc.  but the next step was to beat the butter and SUGAR til light and fluffy.  Well I had already added the brown sugar to the peaches, so did we forget a step or forget another added amount of sugar to this recipe?  I improvised but wondered what the actual recipe called for.  I did have to add another 10 minutes of baking time to this also to get the batter to cook completely through.  Pls. explain what I did wrong or misunderstood to get the next time done correctly.  



Kim E.

Darlyn Farm - Napa Valley, CA

It really does look quite "Darlyn"!

This is a photo I took of a small farm while doing some wine tastings. I was not able to find out any information about it so I assume it is a private residence. Doesn't it look so adorable though? It makes me feel like I could go there and just sit on the porch with a Golden Retriever and drink iced tea all day!

Does anyone know if this quaint little place is a part of a business - I wish I would have checked it all out a little more but I didnt have time - too much to drink... errrr see.