October 2011

Using the Deep Litter Method for Stall Bedding

"The deep litter method works very well in chicken coops, goat houses and other small animal stalls."

One of the dirtiest chores on the farm is mucking out stalls.  If you have farm animals, chances are you have a stall to shelter them in.  Most farm owners clean out stalls on a regular basis, adding hours to their chore time and producing a lot of compost.

The deep litter method for stall bedding eliminates much of the hassle and expense while still providing a warm, clean environment for your animals to bed down in comfort.  With the deep litter method, you only have to clean out your stall once or twice per year.

Backyard Chickens

Expanding on last week’s post about best livestock for small acreage, I want to talk about backyard chicken raising this week.  Contrary to the visions most of us have of stinky, dirty commercial egg operations, chickens are actually quite clean and very entertaining.

Egg laying breeds, such as Wyandotte, Sussex, Orpington and Barred Rock will usually lay an egg per day in spring, summer and fall.  In the winter, this number will drop in response to less daylight, so some people supplement the light by turning on a light in the chicken coop.  I prefer to let mine follow nature’s patterns and enjoy a bit of a rest in the winter.