December 2011

Love Honey? Lease Some Space for Bees

I love honey.  I love the fact that is natural and does not come to us highly refined like sugar and other sweeteners do.  I am also big on the self-sufficient lifestyle, and would love to be able to raise my own honey.  I also have the trouble of being terrified of bees.  I lose my cool and start flapping around like a scarecrow on fire anytime one of those little critters gets within five feet of me.  So for me, raising my own bees is not likely to happen.

Can You Make a Living at a Farmer's Market?

Many of us dream of one day earning our living away from the standard 9-5 job.  Some of us even imagine being able to make a living off the land we own or hope to own.  What could be better than waking up on your own small farm, working closely with the land, and bringing home a paycheck for all that enjoyment?  While the reality may be a little dirtier, the work a little harder, and the results a little smaller, it is possible to earn a living from a small farm.

Free Farm Labor and Other Learning Resources

Homesteaders are some of the most generous people. Ask anyone in the homesteading community, and you'll likely hear stories of other farmers who have generously shared their time, experience and wisdom. One of the best things about this particular sector of the farming community is that free help is almost always available, if you know where to look.

Advice and Knowledge Online

There are nearly as many online communities for homesteaders as there are homesteaders. From learning how to raise chickens and growing organic crops, to recycling and money-making tips, there are forums devoted to nearly every aspect of the homesteading lifestyle. You can find forums and blogs that will teach you just about anything you need to know, as well as offering advice from old salts on how to go green, stretch a dollar, or use old-fashioned farming techniques.

Diversity in Farm Enterprises – New Hobby Farmer Ideas

Ask any experienced hobby farmer and they'll tell you that the secret to financial success on a farm is diversity. You simply cannot rely on one crop or product to produce income for your farm. First, it just doesn't make sense to put all your proverbial eggs in one basket. Second, small farms struggle to produce at a competitive level in any one enterprise. As such, spreading your enterprises out across a variety of ideas is the smartest option.