February 2012

Holistic Stewardship in a Chemical World

It seems as though for every potential problem on the farm, there is an industrial or chemical solution.  If your philosophies tend toward a more natural, holistic approach, you will find yourself really struggling to find alternatives to the way things are done in our modern world of labs and factories.  Choosing to run your farm holistically, while far more challenging than the other way, is infinitely worth it in terms of health and good stewardship.

Selling Farm Animals

If you raise farm animals, it is inevitable that you will need to find new homes for some of them at some point.  In fact, selling animals you raise yourself can be a lucrative business.  Depending on your management methods, you can even make a living by selling livestock, so long as you can make efforts to keep the costs down.

Scratch That…It IS Time for Babies

I was sitting in my easy chair feeding the baby the other night, when my husband called me.  That in itself was kind of funny, since he just went outside to feed the animals.  He was calling because he wanted me to know that we were having babies.  One of my goat does delivered two healthy doe kids that night, literally one day after I wrote on here about babies coming soon.  These were quite a bit sooner than expected, though!